Understanding the Cons of Freelancing From a WordPress Blogger

Freelance Writing and Blogging for 2016: The Pro’s and The Con’s

Freelance Blogging and Freelance Writing alike might be two different things, but both remote jobs are becoming increasingly popular as 2016 draws near.

When you began researching Freelance work, everything you read will lead you to believe that gold is literally waiting at the end of every rainbow. It is hard turn down such a lucrative and easy going opportunity. There are the obvious Pros’: the ability to choose which projects to do or what clients to work with, an income that makes the work worthwhile, and an overall better work atmosphere with out having to worry about the politics of the work place.

Dive Deep into the Con’s of Freelancing

See you’re sold already, but before you go chasing that dream make sure you dive deep into the Cons’ of both general freelance writing and Freelance Blogging for a niche.

No Security or Benefits. When you’re walking out the office with every thing you own in a box, remember: You’re not just leaving that job. You’re leaving that retirement plan, 401k, health care package, even sick leave and paid vacation. Working for yourself will give you great hours but what about those hours you can’t get work done? Freelancers don’t have anyone to cover their shifts when they call in. You are completely accountable for all projects! What’s more is that to get the clients you definitely need to have some sort of Customer Relation Skills. So, getting into freelancing because you have a general fear or ineptitude working with people won’t equal success for your career as a freelancer.

Multi-management will become your life! You won’t just be responsible for ensuring quality work anymore. Now it’s your job to attain the work, manage the contracts, keep the books, do the initial work whether it be blogging or transcribing, maintain deadlines, and even collections when some clients forget to pay on time. Good Luck with that! All those things that made your previous employer so antsy will now be your problem!

Building a client base is one of those duties you will have to pick up. Finding clients, building relationships, gaining future references all require great communication skills and immensely great patience. Most times employers are looking for people already experienced. They usually don’t just offer projects to someone who just rolled out of bed and decide to jump into a new career! The people bragging about those high paying, consistent jobs are those people who lived in front of their computers for days on end doing jobs they wouldn’t dare brag about. Getting clients is probably the most stressful and depressing Con of all.

Lack of clients means lack of income and the inconsistent hours result in fluctuating income on a monthly basis. When work was slow your employer was still obligated to pay you. When work is slow as a freelancer you immediately feel it in your pocket book. This will result in a lack of financial security… and more stress.

Isolation and random distraction will cause you to fall into a rut, developing writers block will happen often because of lack of interactions. Your mind tends to wander off when your trying desperately hard to create content. Not having anyone to discuss projects with, bounce ideas off of, or to critique your work can cause you to push out fruitless work.

Lastly, You won’t own your work. That’s right, any work you do for a client is bought and paid for by them and, thus, becomes their property. They can choose to publish it or not. They can also choose to credit the original creator, but it’s usually agreed upon that you relinquish all rights!

Being a freelancer can be rewarding, worthwhile, and a dream job come true but only for those that put in the work. The Pros of freelancing are not given to you, they are attainable goals achieved through extremely hard work. With Cons like these it may seem unrealistic but it’s better to fight the enemy you know then the ones you don’t. Meaning, once you know the Cons you can manage to tackle them! So make sure you know what challenges you face before jumping into it.

Gab Brand Wants to Hear From You!

Have you experienced any other cons’ of freelancing? Whether it be blogging or general writing jobs, the cons are evident for both freelancers. What Cons’ of freelancing have you had your fair share of and how did you surpass them to continue your journey as a freelancer?

Let’s hear your feedback. Can’t wait for you to share your gift of gab!


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