What’s your Education Level: 3 Requirements for a Freelance Writer

Freelance Work That Speaks For Itself

What I love about writing is the fact that your work speaks for itself. And that’s important when it comes to freelance work, because my major doubt was that clients would not find me qualified enough. Especially when you’re going up against academic scholars, people who have Bachelor’s and even Master degrees in writing.

Is a Degree vital to being a successful freelance writer?

conceived-as-1112455_1280Simply Said, no. It’s not even required to be a writer in general. Of course, it helps. Does it supply you with great technical skills? Sure. Are you able to provide quality assured work? More or less, but so is a writer who has been in the game building an awesome portfolio!

Academic Proof vs. Natural Talent: What A Degree Doesn’t Insure

A degree is simply proof that you put in work academically to get ahead. But it isn’t the final decision maker when it comes to specific clientele. There are an abundance of things that a writing degree doesn’t insure and skills that you can learn outside of college.

1. Not just passionate about writing but disciplined in editing. Writing is crucial of course. Writing frequently should become routine. But editing is a discipline that most don’t consider, often reading through but not with a critical eye. Read through as if you were a newspaper editor. Don’t just look for grammatical errors but irrelevant facts that may hurt your work more than help it.

2. Be quick with project turnovers and understand that there is no one way to be a great writer. Excellent grammar, strong editing, and detailed work is all great but they amount to nothing if you can’t return the work on time! Being able to communicate regularly with employers for updates, handling research, and prompt with deadlines all require time management skills. Try setting personal deadlines and understanding that every writer had their own way of doing things. So long as you provide original, quality work on time, who cares about your Education or lack there of?

3. A hunger for writing that can’t be satisfied! If you’re determined to be a writer in general you have to really want it. Being a writer is like being a musician or star athlete. There are a million more for everyone you meet. And everyone like the last, starving for acceptance, working through the grit and grime of competitive freelancing. A degree might give you an edge but hunger gives you the courage to go after what you want.

Start Freelance Writing Consistently

So get yourself going. Start writing and do it consistently; build a diverse portfolio or one based off a niche that you know so well you could never run out of material. Collect a diverse clientele as well and, once you have found people that want you as much as you want the work, buckle down.

office-791733__180You’ve built a name for yourself, now you can choose what projects to accept or deny with out prejudice! Even better, you can set your own prices! Who needs a fancy degree when you have passion, determination, curiosity about potential work, and the ability to learn and grow with each job!

Simply Said,

Good luck to every writer out there who feels unqualified. Truth is every writer has been there, formal education or not. Keep at it and see where your hunger takes you!

Research Freelance Writing With Gab Brand

* Do some research…

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What qualifies someone to call themselves a freelance writer? Does their education or lack there of really determine their success?

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