Top five Work sites for Freelance Writers

Finding Reputable Freelance Job Boards

Every day new sites are going up and others are merging with competition. Finding a long term, reputable freelance job board can be a struggle. Figuring out where to get advice from other freelancers can help but are there forums? Freelancing community blogs? What websites are top of the marque for aspiring freelance writers?

imageEvery writer should do a ample amount of research before just jumping in to the freelance world. Do an extensive Google search and find out what is paying and what isn’t. Who is looking to hire writers often and what type of writing do they need?


Freelance Writing has more than everything you will need all in one place and I recommend this website to all newbies (and even experienced professionals). They give insight into Every aspect of freelance writing with great articles; for example, “Blogging for Business” (image above) and “Top Ten Topics to Pitch a Magazine”. They connect competitive writers with the most current competitions and provide Writing Guidelines for several genres. Like I said, everything in one place.


Once you’ve developed a sense of where you’re going, find out what it takes for a client to actually find you. Zapier explains how to find Freelance writers, how evaluate pitches, go through referrals, and the such.


Make a Living Writing is a great project by a writer that I definitely relate to because, like me, she is a college drop out. Find out more about the creator, Carol Tice. This website is all inclusive, from academic to blogging. There is an awesome Community of Freelancers. Once you’ve made connections with other writers you can visit The Writing Courses.


Websites like Freelancer and UpWork are great job seeking tools. They collect jobs, allow clients to create projects for you to bid on, and even allow clients to rate your work for future clientele. There are skill test you can participate in to show clients what talent you possess. All ratings and test scores are tied to a profile that allows you to sell yourself.

All these websites are guaranteed gold for a Freelance no matter what stages you are in. Let’s hear your feedback on Facebook. Make sure to use hashtag #GabBrand- Can’t wait for you to share your gift of gab!


Gab Brand


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