Up coming Creative Writing Contest


Staying on top of your writing is hard when you are just writing for yourself. Everything seems pointless, seeds that bare no fruit, and even though you are passionate about writing it doesn’t seem like you’ve experienced any challenges that force you to grow.

It’s like reading aloud to someone who lacks hearing. You don’t feel like you have to really do your best. You know, like when reading to children you make all the characters have unique voices, when reading a romance you make your voice sultry during sex scenes.

Writing for competition puts a fire under your butt. If you’ve read my earlier post Exploring Creative Writing Competitions then you know the benefits, various forms of competitions, and how to find one right for you.

Here are some upcoming Creative Writing Competitions:

Writers Digest’ Annual Poetry Awards: their only competition exclusively for poetry is now accepting entries. Their Annual Writing Competition will start accepting entries Early November and winners will appear in the December edition.

Novelist and short story columnist, Colum McCann, judges a Short Story Competition in which the goal is to write a 2,000 word short story involving divergence and duality. This Writing Competition is open from October until December 6.

Poets & Writers offers a submission calender with every deadline to the most current contest.

Masters Review offers a Fall Fiction contest in which first place wins $2,000 and publication on its site. Second and third place aren’t so bad either with the entry fee being only $20. Fifteen of the finalist will have their work online as well, but no monetary prize.

Funds for Writers offers a great listing of upcoming contest for various fields of creative writing for national, local, online competition databases.

Check out this post 19 Short Story Competitions by Aerogramme Writing Studio.

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