Follow up on SEO and How I Found My Content TOP of Google’ Search Results

Increase WordPress Site Traffic with Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

I recently posted an article about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you’ve already skimmed through it, you have the tools you need to increase site rankings among search engines, which will increase traffic, which could increase business. Congratulations!


Moving on, here are results from a simple Google search using the keywords SEO GUIDE. I ranked second, hold for the applause; Thank you. Yes, right below Moz’ Beginners Guide to SEO, which I actually cited in my article.

Google Search Engines Going Social


They even listed my Google+ Post promoting the article. I thought this was an honor. So, with a grin on my face, I had to report first thing this morning! First, my stats reported I was being read on an international level. Now, I was proving my work by ranking second among a major Search Engine.


Needless to say, but I am feeling myself today. Anyway, make sure to put these simple tips to use. Check out the videos. Invest the time to gain the visibility you need!

Let’s hear your feedback on Facebook. Make sure to use hashtag #GabBrand- Can’t wait for you to share your gift of gab!

Gab Brand


3 thoughts on “Follow up on SEO and How I Found My Content TOP of Google’ Search Results”

    1. Thank you. If you have read my most recent article about content developments you know that there is gold waiting to be mined in things you have already written about.

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