Characteristics of Good Content: How to Keep Your Audience Reading

The Characteristics of Good Content




Let’s talk content today because after all this keyword optimization stuff it’s easy to lose sight of what is important- the characteristic of good content.

How Do You Develop Good Content?

1.) Content Development and Consistent Research are both crucial to the development of not just your writing but your blog or portfolio. Often times during editing you will notice something, question something, or make some relevant connection. Make sure to take notes of all these hunches and ideas. Research them later. You will begin to develop a case load of material from these notes- resulting in Idea Development.

2.) Consider the audience and how they view the information. We already discussed length and style in previous post in regards to Freelance writing, but you must also consider the relevance of information. Have they heard it before? How is your information new? What are you offering? Making sure to keep the information fresh will keep your readers interested and returning!

3.) Encourage dialogue between your readers. Good Content that poses questions, prompts actions, and peaks the readers interests to find out more Will help create a relationship of need between you and the readers. If they should later need info who should they turn to? You, of course! Promoted dialogue allows you to expose your expertise on the subject at hand and encourages the readers to look to you for future advice. Great content will make the reader feel involved and as if the information is tailored for them.

4.) I can’t stress enough how important it is that you choose quality over quantity in regards to content over rankings. Information, intriguing information with decent rankings is better than any spam article flushed with keywords. Freelance writers are often encouraged to throw out quality in favor of rankings because clients want immediate results. Consider the fact that this work carries your name and at some point future employers might see this work. How will it reflect on your portfolio? Is it worth the blemish on your record?

Aspects of What Creates Great Content

There are so many aspects of what creates great content and ways to improve not so great content. As a Freelancer it’s our job to keep improving ourselves,

Simply Said,

What advice do you have to help Freelancer Writers create great content? Let’s hear your feedback on Facebook. Make sure to use hashtag #GabBrand- Can’t wait for you to share your gift of gab!


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    1. Thanks, I am posting as I learn so we all are growing together! If there is anything you would like to know regarding Freelancing- feel free to contact me.


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