A Freelance Writers Little Black Book || Building an E-Mail list

So far, on this freelancing journey, we have been focused on building a steady following, establishing a solid presence with social media, and consistently writing great, keyword rich content. It’s all been about fortifying your brands presence- but what about longevity?


Building an Email list is something you probably haven’t considered and since a lot of platforms [like WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter] do it automatically you probably don’t see the need to. But what if one day, Heaven forbid, your accounts are hacked or worse deleted? Maybe you decided to change web hosting or buy a new web domain. An Email list is not just a great way to communicate personally, but inform your following of important changes or mishaps that affect your business and their accessibility to it.

A Freelance Writers Email list should be a coveted artifact like a man’s little black book. Every one who has ever commented on your work, any one you have every pitched an idea to, and- of course- your loyal following should be included. Establishing an Email list is beneficial for a freelance writer for three reasons:

1) As mentioned, it is a great way to get in touch with viewers on a personal level. It’s direct and private, making the reader comfortable discussing or entertaining certain ideas presented. People might not openly want to discuss abuse, sex, or things of that nature in a open forum. However, more are willing to contribute if they can do so on a private platform.

2) As a Freelance Writer you’ll often here the saying, “The money is in the list,” however they’re not referring to clients or even referrals but your email list. When monetizing your blog or website, considering to sale, or work in sales already- having an email list is a great bargaining tool and offers lucrative advertisement possibilities. Every one using social media, writing platforms, or online networking forums is required to have an email. I have used the same Email account since the Eighth grade so that speaks to how often people tend to change their addresses. It’s common sense to business owners looking to buy your Email list or asking you to advertise to your email listing that you have a higher chance of encouraging readers to peak into the email instead of labeling it spam.

3) Unlike print or newsletters, it’s cheap and isn’t time consuming to create, easily manageable, and a great way to keep your audience informed regardless of time or location. Most people have their email linked to their mobile devices, if you ever have any of the earlier mentioned problems, site failure, etc. you are able to let your readers know the necessary steps to take in order to get service from you.

Use your email list like you use social media–as a way to connect further with your readers and fans. Interact and inform your readers; don’t constantly promote and sell.

says by Kimberley Grabas from Your Writer Platform in her article, Writers Guide To an Email list

It only takes one click to unsubscribe, so make it worthwhile for your reader to stay.


Having an Email list is great for so many reasons and you can be tempted to monetize early in if your following is sufficient. However, it is easy to abuse this new power with so many businesses trying to get their hands on your little black book. There are a few things you should not do when deciding to monetize or sale your email list.

1) You have to remember our #1 Rule: Quality over Quantity. It doesn’t just apply to content. You worked hard to build your email list- why throw it away over a few bucks? Flooding your listing with shameless advertisements, inconsistent content, and a jumble of merchandise they couldn’t be less interested in is an easy way to lose subscribers.

2) Being inconsistent could be costly. Informing your readers of your every move may not be necessary but failing to set up some consistent schedule that readers can conform to could cause them to lose interest. When you finally decide to take your Email newsletter serious your readers might have moved on or decide they have too much to catch up on so, why bother? Avoid this by sending out a weekly Email, even if just to say hi or drop an odd fact about yourself and your services. It pays off!

Getting around to creating an Email list shouldn’t be something you consider. It is not something that should be put off, which is a unintentional error often made by beginning entrepreneurs. Don’t wait until you have built the perfect blog, have impeccable content with no grammatical errors, don’t even wait until building a social empire- just invite them to join you later! Get a jump on your email list from the beginning of your Freelance Writing career- connect with readers, inform them, and prepare yourself for possible hiccups.

Have any tips for getting started on an Email list for other Freelance Writers? Share them us! Let’s hear your feedback on Facebook. Make sure to use hashtag #GabBrand- Can’t wait for you to share your gift of gab!

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