A Freelance Writers Bucket List

Creating a List of Goals is a great motivational focal point. As you cross things off you can always reflect on how much you have accomplished, regardless of how long it took you to do it!

I never liked Bucket List. I always felt like it was just a second round of mid-life crisis, only this time you knew without a doubt your life was nearly over.  Why do Content Developers even need Bucket List? So, when I began this really awesome twenty-one day challenge and the prompt “Write A Bucket List” appeared, I was done with the challenge before it began.

No, I didn’t just quit. I would never just quit something. I did repurpose the challenge to fit the persona of who I am [or who I want to become]. I am slowly becoming a Goal oriented person. I have become addicted to the satisfaction of knowing I have crossed something off of my list of things to do, business or otherwise. While my personal life is still a creative mess, my goals are as clear as ever. The same can be said for Gab Brand.

I was halfway through with 2015, before I followed the path set before me; courtesy of my God-Given talents. Everything in those few short months led to a really great opportunity which snowballed into a really great lifestyle… or what’s becoming a really great lifestyle.

I created my list of things to do by the end of 2016 in hopes that I can continue to motivate myself through scratching off my Goals.


  1. Start a QuickBooks or Receipt System for work completed. Last year, I received a few well-paying jobs that even though I completed and they published, I was not paid for. While these cases are in dispute, had I kept proper books and receipts for my drafts and finals- It would have been an open and shut case.
  2. Print up some business cards. Now that I have officially had a run of more than six months as a freelancer, I want to network locally and build up some well-known clientele within the city. Working long distance is great, the ability to work from my couch is awesome, but at some point people are going to want to SEE who it is that is behind the mask.
  3. Host a give-away from my Blog. Also to finally switch over to a self-hosted domain.
  4. I would love to link up with a great digital designer, trade service for service, and have them whip me up something deliciously Gab-Worthy for a card that is more than my company but who my company wants to work for.
  5. Begin an Email Newsletter. I want to reach millions one day and the most obvious course of action is to start some really cool newsletter with great incentives, motivational quotes, possible employment opportunities, and more.
  6. Turn my FaceBook Group into a thrilling network of chatter about the various ventures of creative freelancers: the successes & Failures, the triumphs, the loses, the questions we doubt anyone really asked, the answers people don’t really want to hear. Right now, it is a barren waste land of promotional, shameless self-advertising for bloggers.
  7. I want to be published in Forbes. While I hear this is easy, for a great By Line, they will publish a well written, educational piece that offers value to the lives of the some-billion readers. Whether for free or not, it would be a major deal to me because- hello- they have a close to a billion or so readers, chances are one of them needs me and doesn’t even know it.
  8. I NEED to pay off at least one Student Loan every 3 months this Year. This is more than tragic then it sounds, since I can’t enroll in school until I get my current loans out of default.
  9. I want to start a “Gab Brand Book Club” where we writers get together and collaborate on different genre story lines. Whether we just want to share something we are writing or we want to work with the group [members] to publish something. I love being a part of mastermind groups.
  10. I want to complete the first installation of my book: Thirsty Girls. A intro into the life of a not so beautiful face but slamming body that had her way with the hood… until it decided to have its way with her. I have only carved out the ideal theme of this urban novel. I have not just yet given characters their back stories, hell- Honestly, I am not sure about their roles in the actual story, but before I rip it apart let me actually finish a few more chapters.
  11. I want to take my family on a super lavish vacation. I want to show them that Mommy wasn’t crazy, that hard work and drive can sometimes be enough, that you can pick up anything you didn’t already possess along the way, and that a little blood, sweat, and tears was something even literary genius have to sacrifice to make it. What better way than to relax on somebodies beach or enjoy some old buildings in a distant land?
  12. I want to have an actual office. I am not picky on the specifics; I would take the converted garage attached to my home. I could get some laundry done while I sat at my desk and typed away. Of course, I do want to one day rent a space and work like other grown-ups. However, I know my circumstance and work with my boundaries not against them. Once all the kiddos are into school good and well, maybe. For now, I like being close to home.
  13. Take on a Partnership with a cool Web Developer, Graphic Designer, and also a Social Networking Genius. As I take on more clients, I will have less time to do certain individual roles or fill a specific content need. I also want to be able to provide my clients with professional tools around the board. If I have a client come to me for web content but I notice he/she is lacking substantial imagery- I have a guy for that, he’ll even work with in our budget. Maybe I have a client who is all over the place with social media and I can’t figure out how to reel them in- A good friend of mines is a web-weaving genius who knows exactly what connections to make and what relevant post to connect you with them. You get the point.
  14. Lastly, I want to host a Gab Brand Brunch once a year for Entrepreneurial Creatives. Eventually, it would grow to be a gala type event where we could get spiffy and dressed up. However, because my platform is still new and my brand isn’t a house hold name as of yet, this Brunch allows a little informality and would be more of a mixer than anything else. I am not still sure on the timing of this because it was just a fanciful idea, but, so was my business once upon a time.

Have you started your Goal List yet? If you haven’t, what’s stopping you? What are some of your Gab Worthy Goals for 2016 and why are they important to you? How will they help your Brand? Let us know on all your favorite social networks using #GabBrand! Can’t wait to hear your gift of gab.


Gab Brand


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