Even your favorite Freelancers make Mistakes

Mistakes this Freelancer Is Glad She Made

While no freelance writer should miss a deadline or mismanage clients, some mistakes could create an opening you weren’t aware was available.

writing-1170146__180.jpgI once had a client who only wanted re-writes of old content from Competitor sites. I must have misunderstood the role because the job description asked for “%100 original content for Topics provided and workloads completed by the end of the week”. They asked for 3-5 articles a week and sent what I assumed was an example of work to be completed.

No, what they wanted was simply my version of events of what the article detailed; a paraphrase of sorts. This is not what I do- Nor was it what I did for them. Instead, I drafted Ten Articles of original content, quotes, back links, and more based on the topic of the article and relevant/follow ups on it as well. While they were impressed with my work and published nearly every piece, they never paid me.

Counting My Loses & Setting A Standard

I counted it as a “loss”, but was impressed with myself for defining my standard as a Content developer aside from just a freelance writer! I have a lane that I stick to and I am not shy about that.

I don’t hold my nose up at those who do feel that simply passing Copy Scape is something to strive for.  However, I want to do more than just copy and paste my life away, edit and re-dress someone else’s work. There has to be more to it than that, right?

Have you ever heard of any one making six-figures from a copy & past job? Neither have I. I plan on writing for television blogs like my girl Wendy Williams or editing material from some government grant paper. I plan on working on stuff that really pays.

Work Worth My Reputation and Time

A freelancer has to invest in projects that are worth staking their reputation on and investing their time in.

Sure a few good gigs to buff up my portfolio is something to be grateful for, but I also don’t want to tarnish the brand. Gaining a reputation as an article writer, content spinner, content developer, or strategist, or whatever your preference is a hard enough thing to do without having to dig through the trenches and still end up doing remedial work.

At the most these jobs offer $20-$40 a week for 10-15 articles per job. While most professionals could push out more than thirty rewrites a week- I don’t have time for that. Seriously! I work between Naps, feeding rotations such as lunch, snacks, treat times, and dinner, laundry shifts and Diaper changes, and every so often in the midst of a temper tantrum. If I have to sacrifice my time from my children, it will be for more than Pizza Money.

A Freelance Writers Mistakes Can Give Them Purpose

Long Story short, I am glad that I am not a carbon copy, Edward-Scissor-Hands, article writer making a living chopping up the work of others. I am glad that this experience was more of an eye opener than an embarrassment.

While this was the first of many mistakes as I began Freelance Writing, It was the most memorable because this is where I gave myself the definitive title of Content Developer.

I stopped just writing anything, became more selective in my jobs, and found long term clientele with clear content needs and strategies to get them done.

I saw an increase in Client consultations, reader conversions, and Positive feedback from following clientele. I simply stopped settling all because a mistake made me re-evaluate my potential versus my earning.

Gab Brand Wants to Hear from You!

What Mistakes have you made that changed your outlook on freelancing? How have you recovered and what advice would you give other freelancers?

Share your tragedy with us here at Gab Brand and help other freelancers see the light at the end of the tunnel. Can’t wait to hear your gift of gab!


Gab Brand


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