There are two ways to land a freelance writing or blogging contract

Bids and Pitches: Two Ways of Winning A Freelancing Gig

Two Ways to Win a Freelance Writing Gig

Whenever anyone asks me how I do what I do, I say a lot of bidding and non-stop pitching. These are two ways to win a freelancing gig, Bidding and Pitching:


  • Bidding, a form of pitching, usually used on Outsourcing Platforms like UpWork and Guru. Clients can post a job with its general requirements and duties along with their budget and project length; Freelancers can then put in a quote on jobs that they are interested in. The Freelancer with the best profile, sales pitch, and price per project wins!
  • Pitches can be done individually and can be sent directly to editors, submission columns, etc. At which point a freelancer will seek out work from a client rather than wait for them to post an opening or ask for submissions.

Creating a Successful Pitch

Whether sending a general template inquiring about work or sending specific articles for review, there are ways to guarantee your Freelance Pitch can be successful. Here are some steps before creating an effective Pitch

  1. Create a Profile before drafting any submission. Find out who their intended audience is. Research the materials they have already published to get a sense of their brand persona. How often they publish certain content so that yours is relevant.
  2. Join their E-mail Listings. Try to remain on top of the content they produce by joining a few of their social networks and E-Mail Newsletters. You can gain insight into the content they are looking for or might be interested in.
  3. Comment on Content that Interests you. Be active in discussion forums and comment work that interests you. Chances are they will be interested in your view on a subject or its development. Writers will occasionally drop a hint or two on work that could help get your foot in the door.

Once you have developed a sense of your intended clients’ style and have confidence that you can connect with their audience, you can begin drafting out content they might be interested in. These steps will help you develop a Kick Ass Freelance Proposal, as we previously discussed.

Bids: Let the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Bidding might seem like a game of odds, but as all games go there are ways to ensure the odds are in your favor.

Outsourcing Platforms like do most of the work for you: allowing you to create detailed freelancing profiles, set a minimum price per service, and supply jobs requiring to key skills you own. Clients can invite you to bid on a job or you can seek employment from the various jobs posted. Once you have bid and been awarded a job, you create a contract with in the platform.

Here are some ways to make sure the odds of winning a freelance bid are in your favor:

  1. Develop a detailed profile. Clients are more likely to hire a freelance they invite to apply for a job, creating a stellar profile complete with descriptive services, back ground info about yourself, and a look at what goals you have as a freelancer will help a client decide before hand if you’re a good fit or not.
  2. Create several templates for bidding. A lot of times you will have to tailor this template to fit the job description, but it can get tiresome typing your skills, achievements, and credentials over and over. You also don’t want to forget anything or miss any tiny embellishment that could possibly land you the freelancing gig of your dreams.
  3. Target Jobs that fit your skills. Platform like Guru list your skills before anything else. The more skills you have the better chances you have of locating job matches that suit you and the higher your chances of landing a contract.
  4. Follow Up! Just because the job has already been awarded does not mean it is off the table. Many Freelancers are awarded jobs from content mills in which they are just not a fit. This is usually cause by a lack of descriptive requirements or communication from either freelancer or client. Other times, they need more content and are looking to hire multiple freelancers. Either way, Follow ups show initiative and interests.

Freelance Work is a Game of Skill

Winning a freelance gig, temporary or long term, is a game of skill and the quality of your freelance portfolio. The odds are great with so many people seeing the benefits of working remotely from home.

Create captivating pitches and develop persuasive bids that allow you to stand out from other players in the field.

Gab Brand Wants to Hear from You

Gab Brand is interested in hearing your thoughts on what drives a great pitch or how to successfully place a freelance bid.  Share your thoughts with us your favorite Social Networks using the Hashtag #GabBrand. Can’t wait to hear from you!


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