How to make money blogging

Two Ways Freelance Writers Make Money Blogging

Formula to Making Money Online

As the internet allows for more people to Learn, Socialize, and now Work from the comfort of their home, many seek to make an easy living blogging, online article writing, and even find jobs within marketing; however, a large portion of individuals will scratch their heads for hours on end and shuffle through loads of information hoping to create the perfect formula for making money online.

Blogging as a Primary Source of Income?Blogging can be used as portfolios and service portals for freelance writers

As mentioned, Blogging has become a primary source of income for many individuals who have decided to work from home. While Blogging had a slow start, over the past ten years, it has become the first option for many seeking to start online business or create residual incomes. However, many are skeptical and still ask, “Can one make money from Blogging?”

You would be Surprised…

Honestly, there are various methods of using a blog to create online incomes; however, many people overthink the process and go all out hoping to earn a few bucks using every method they come across.

There are two ways to make money from your blog:

  1. Using your Blog as an online writing portfolio and projects Folder you can market your freelance or blogging services to attract new clientele.
  2. Monetize your Blog by using ad placement, incorporating site memberships, and including an online store within your blog.

As you can see #1 is very to the point. You can use your blog as a writing portfolio, based on a specific niche with an established audience, and attract the type of clientele you would best be fit for. This also allows for you to set your own sales funnel when it comes to your services and what you are willing to offer in terms of packaged assignments and bulk load projects.

Monetizing your blog takes a little bit more effort. Aside from incorporating Google AdSense and joining several Affiliate programs, hosting your own store is another sure fire way to make money blogging. But, how does one generate traffic to this online store, affiliate links, and expose them to your blogs Ads?

Generate Income Blogging with 3 Strategies

There are three ways in which you can drive traffic to your blog and begin to make money:

1.    Offer a Goodie Bag or Site Freebie:

In order to lure visitors to your site you have to have an enticing offer such as a Goodie bag or freebie in return for their subscription to your blog. Many new bloggers make the mistake of selling to any and everyone who visits their site without ensuring that it has any real value. Try offering them something that shows them your site holds relevance to whatever niche it is built upon.

By getting them to subscribe first and offering them useful insight, they can be prompted to open your emails and even peek into your services and rates page to see what else you offer.  Once they have subscribed to your newsletter or email updates, you can offer them discounts and promote other relevant brands which could also help you make online sales.

2.    Consistently Flood Readers with Great Content:

Creating consistently great content that is not just informative but engaging is easily said; however after blogging about the same topic for months on end it can become a difficult thing to accomplish. Another issue is that even once you have created this great content, you must also keep it updated. Search Engines frown on out dated content and readers find old content irrelevant. By creating fresh content and continually updating your old content, you can always generate new site traffic and increase your potential Search Engine Rankings.

No matter what though, you want to make sure your content has credible value and a complete call to action, not just information followed by a sales pitch of your services or products.

3.    Switch Up Post Types:

It is important that you try to stay diverse in terms of Post content. No, I don’t mean the topic of discussion, but the type of post. Switch up post type to include Blog Post, Video, and Audio! Blogging has attempted to keep up with technology and site owners are able to introduce their viewers with various forms of content, aside from drawn out articles.

Try creating a blog post schedule in which you incorporated these three different types of blog post [attempting to do one every other day]. Start by publishing a Text Blog Post which could detail the following two post for the week or introduce readers to the following weeks subject matter. Then, try аn Audio post in which you do an in depth interview or have a candid group discussion, followed by a Visual/Video Post in which you can show a short documentary or have potential product placement.

Honestly, the potential set up of your blogs content is limitless as are the various marketing strategies you could use to implement them in.

Freelance Writers Make Money through BloggingHow to make money blogging

While new avenues of monetizing a blog are cropping up every day, the choice of method in which you decide to make money from your blog is typically based on the blogging platform and the Freelance Writer or Bloggers Business plans.

Yes, basic fundamеntаlѕ of making money to blog will remain relevant as long as blogs have the ability to place relevant advertisements, incorporate affiliate programs links, and build online businesses; by mastering them you can enhance your blogs value exponentially.


Gab Brand


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