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Freelance Writer Missing in Action

Please, pardon my absence these past few weeks. I have been undergoing major development plans for multiple platforms; both mines and clients. With an increase in work there was bound to be a decrease in blogging; however, I didn’t expect such great feedback from clients that I would be swamped with consistent work. #Blessed

Expectant Changes for Developing Gab Brand

While I would be a fool to complain, I must say that the whole break has caused me to rethink various aspects of Gab Brand.

Lifestyle of Gab Brand

For example, I am turning Gab Brand into a lifestyle blog. As it should be, with a emphasis on Blogging for business, developing your brand as a freelance writer, but also living as a work from home mother, transforming my health from being a chain smoker to yoga addict. I just want this platform to be more about me and less about my work; even though it is an online portfolio for work.

Gab Brand Email Newsletter

Secondly, I want to trash… halt the newsletter. What Newsletter? My point entirely. While I tend to stay ahead of client dead lines, I have been completely sucking at consistency when it comes to my own outlets. As a content writer you want to market your work the best ways possible, but the newsletter seemed more of a hassle than a help. Instead I will be more diligent with twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook- So, Be sure to stay tuned to Gab Brand Social Media channels for news blasts!

As I continue this entrepreneurial endeavor, I am sure to redevelop the platform. I hope that you continue to be loyal followers and honest readers, providing me with both compliments and criticism Don’t worry, I have tough skin. Let it rip.



Gab Brand


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