Four Things That Will Destroy A Black Girls Hustle

Nothing but doing nothing would cause me to fail after I worked so fucking hard. My hustle was my life and I wasn’t done simply because of a small set-back [which caused me to have a momentary breakdown]. I wasn’t in this simply for this for the moment. I had come to love my hustle tremendously… and the change it was providing me.

Black Girls Biz

“Things may come to those who wait, but the only things left are by those who hustle.” – Supposedly Abraham Lincoln… IKR.

The Struggle of the Hustle

Another day of hustling like your life depended on it because, well, it does.  You’re still in the phase of building upon your business, designing your brand, and connecting with your ideal community. Just when you get up the balls to go full throttle with your business plans, it seems the real struggle begins.

At least that’s how I have felt the past couple of weeks. As I took on new clients, began developing our brand more, and seeking new talent for our network- my laptop screen cracks in two. WTF? So, there I sat, in front of my broken source of income- devastated and somewhat paralyzed.  It took me exactly 24 hours to come up with a plan:

  1. Contact and outsource client…

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