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Gab Brand is dedicated to providing Content Services for Start up projects & Small Business Platforms. As a Hands on Freelance Writing Platform, your content is tailored by someone who has a passion, knowledge base, and interests in your brand and its success.

Working closely  with each other, we will develop Gab-Worthy Content that is engaging, informative, and timeless. Passionate about Blogging & Networking, Gab Brand offers versatility and consistency with every task.

Gab Worthy Content Development

Gab Brand understands that maintaining a business and its day to day operations consumes a lot of your time. Keeping your web content fresh and engaging is something you always intend to do, but never get around to it. You try to remain active with social media, but find yourself lost in hashtags and emojis. You even get lost in the jumble of Emails from your faithful readers, failing to establish solid communication with potential clients.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a reliable source of witty, original, and consistent content that is not only informative but engaging?

Benefits of Gab Brand Freelancers

Gab Brand offers several benefits for Small business owners, like Effective content and consistent communication, which are critical to any businesses survival. Establishing a solid online presence through Optimizing your Content will raise awareness of your brand and services. Gab Brand  aims to help you create or manage your web content. Other services such as meticulous editing and even rewriting of previous content and supplying fresh topics for discussion forums are available.

If you would like a chance to further discuss the development of your online presence and how Gab Brand can meet your individual needs by creating a web content package fit just for you, delivering your brands message, raise awareness, and help you connect with your intended community-please contact Me- I would be happy to provide you with a FREE consultation.

Meet The Founding Freelancer


A writer with the art of story telling, a knack for research, and a passion for blogging!

An on-&-off Blogger, Freelance Writer, and Full-time Mother. Octavia began Gab Brand late 2015 turning a fun side-gig into a full blown career and business endeavor. She loves working with Start Up Projects, Blogging Enthusiast, Small Business Owners, and other Entrepreneurial Minds.

My goal is to help them create content THEY can be proud of. Content that engages their readers. Content that turns readers into customers!

As you can see I have The Gift of Gab, Literally & Figuratively.As the Owner of Gab Brand, I am dedicated to spreading the word about Idea Development & Content Marketing Techniques by way of Social Media Networking, I also host the Facebook Group: Gab Brand’s Blogging For Business, a Hive for like minded Creatives with Entrepreneurial goals… which I intend to do something with sometime soon!


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