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Starting a business, creating a blog, turning your hobby into a career: The Gift of Gab is here with information to help you build your brand.

Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginnings End… Or Some Shit Like That!

Welcome To My New Home

So, you’re following Gab Brand Freelancers? That is great and I’m sure you will find something extremely helpful from my vexing experiences as a freelance writer and blogger on the rise, but- Dare I say it… I have moved!

Finding A Personal Blogger

Well, not really. I have just picked up a new piece of Web Real Estate. I mean I have purchased a self-hosted domain and started a completely new blog and business site for my clients and fellow freelance writers!

The Entrepreneurial Ventures of a Blogging Maniac

If you happen to want to know more about your Author and her personal journey as a female writer & newly single mother and entrepreneurial ventures– Be sure to subscribe and follow me via my new site!!!

A Freelance Writer for Small Business Bloggers and Online Marketers

Click the Cute Signature above to visit me at my new home!

P.S Don’t Worry- I will still find time to spread some Gab Brand News along the way

A Letter to You… Insecure Black Girl

“If any female feels she needs anything beyond herself to legitimate and validate her existence, she is already giving away her power to be self-defining, her agency.” – Bell Hooks

Dear Black Girl,

Know that you can rise above this common feeling of restlessness and displacement; that these insecurities can only thrive if you let them. Don’t allow the stressful demands of the world require more than you’re willing to give. And, if you’ve been hurt, forgive and forget. Forget the people who bred your insecurities; forget the moments you fed into them; forget that there were ever any in the first place.

Source: A Letter to You… Insecure Black Girl


Join Me and A few Friends who share our ideas and insights on Black Girls Blogging, in business for themselves, and most importantly- lacking  mastermind group of their own.

Octavia Carpenter- your ever-evolving Freelance Blogger!


Freelance Writer Missing in Action

Please, pardon my absence these past few weeks. I have been undergoing major development plans for multiple platforms; both mines and clients. With an increase in work there was bound to be a decrease in blogging; however, I didn’t expect such great feedback from clients that I would be swamped with consistent work. #Blessed

Expectant Changes for Developing Gab Brand

While I would be a fool to complain, I must say that the whole break has caused me to rethink various aspects of Gab Brand.

Lifestyle of Gab Brand

For example, I am turning Gab Brand into a lifestyle blog. As it should be, with a emphasis on Blogging for business, developing your brand as a freelance writer, but also living as a work from home mother, transforming my health from being a chain smoker to yoga addict. I just want this platform to be more about me and less about my work; even though it is an online portfolio for work.

Gab Brand Email Newsletter

Secondly, I want to trash… halt the newsletter. What Newsletter? My point entirely. While I tend to stay ahead of client dead lines, I have been completely sucking at consistency when it comes to my own outlets. As a content writer you want to market your work the best ways possible, but the newsletter seemed more of a hassle than a help. Instead I will be more diligent with twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook- So, Be sure to stay tuned to Gab Brand Social Media channels for news blasts!

As I continue this entrepreneurial endeavor, I am sure to redevelop the platform. I hope that you continue to be loyal followers and honest readers, providing me with both compliments and criticism Don’t worry, I have tough skin. Let it rip.



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