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Is Guest Blogging Valuable to Freelance Writers?

Guest Blogging for Business

While Blogs are becoming common tools in marketing for business, established bloggers and freelancers alike are receiving more requests to Guest Blog. Since most guest post are submitted freely, many freelancers are beginning to wonder if Guest Blogging for nothing is valuable to them.

Truth is, Yes- it is extremely valuable; especially for up and coming freelancers. There are many advantages tо guеѕt blоggіng, аѕ wеll аѕ accepting guest wrіtеrѕ tо роѕt оn уоur wеbѕіtе оr blog.

depositphotos_92594242-woman-using-digital-tabletAdvantages of Aссерtіng Guеѕt Posts

  • It cuts your initial work load considerably. Being provided with Fresh [even Controversial] Content, which also ensures easy Blog updates.
  • Even though most guest post are for related Niches, you can accept Blog Post for subjects within your niche that you may not have much experience in providing additional value to your readers.
  • Accepting Guest Blogs from other extremely well-written and reliable sources саn make уоur blоg lооk mоrе “legitimate.”
  • Guest Posts are notorious for being ѕоurсеs оf increased trаffіс аnd іnbоund links tо уоur wеbѕіtе/blоg.

Blоggіng аѕ a Guest

  • Through Guest Blogging, Freelancers get access tо a new аudіеnсе– and hopefully someone in that audience will be interested in becoming a client. Clients are more inclined to hire an established freelancers with a dedicated following.
  • Freelance Writers can еѕtаblіѕh or еnhаnсе a ѕtrаtеgіс rеlаtіоnѕhір. Allowing potential clients to see the results of your work and your dedication to improving their platform can be the first step to developing a long lasting work relationship, espicaially when they decide they might need the services of a reliable freelancer in the future.
  • You could increase clientele by swapping readers who have yet to become clients. If you are already involved in some sort of partnership with a business or fellow writer, guest posting for each other can be a great way to pick up on missed clientele between the two of you. Many times clients can be referred from one freelancer to another when projects require an additional skill set.
  • Guest Blogging is a sure fire way to create commonplace bасklіnks tо уоur website or blоg. Search Engines love authentic Back Links and, if you happen to be published within a well-known platform, it could result in boosted traffic and higher search rankings for related keywords.

Issues for Freelance Writers with Guest Blogging

depositphotos_10129308-Working-WomanWhile guest blogging is great for marketing your skills and establishing expertise, as well as networking with other writers; there can be some issues associated with Guest Blogging оr accepting Guest Blog Submissions.

  • While Guest Blogging may be a candid opening for mаrkеtіng and SEO tасtіс, Content Marketing itself has developed a negative stigma with search engines because Spam Sites outsource content in attempts to outwit Search Engines. Whenever you are offered one of these guest post opportunities, be sure to do your homework and a brief background check on the company or client. Go as far to inspect and dissect their initial communication with you. If it was terribly written or lacked proper incentive, chances are it is a spam rеԛuеѕt.
  • Guest Post for Post is the normal protocol. If you are offered an invitation via email to guest blog but there is no mention of one in return, you might want to question its value then. There are several reason you might want to consider writing for them; based on platform size, potential audience, and intended site traffic.
  • Irregular Guest Post go nowhere. Be sure to search for relevant sites tо guest blоg on аѕ well as guеѕtѕ whо post on уоur ѕіtе оr blоg. You don’t have to stay within your niche, but it is recommended that you aim for an equivalent one, which ensures you are consistently аddіng vаluе for уоur readers, regardless of whether you are a guest post or accepting one.
  • Properly Announcing Guest Post is something most spam sites won’t do; instead they claim to have a Team of Authors or simply post it under the websites byline. Be sure to receive proper credit as well as give proper credit to the guest blogger. This will also help minimize the confusion readers might have when you accept post outside of your normal blog topics. For Example, you might host a blog about baking, but feature a guest blog about how important all natural ingredients are and the best places to locate them. Letting readers know which expert provided this information plays a heavy role in how they interact with the content.

Achieve Freelance Goals through Guest Blogging

Freelance Writers may be known for pushing out content effortlessly for others, but when it comes to supplying engaging content for our own platforms- we often tend to fall short, are too timid to post certain post, or don’t have the time because we are too busy creating awesome content for others.

The bottom line of the matter is that we too want to be able to supply our readers with fresh content, controversial topics, and frequently update our blogs without too much hassle.

Gab Brand wants to hear from you!

Freelance Writers should outsource content for their websites and Blogs to have consistent access to material that generates steady traffic and boost reader engagement, builds their blogs audience or brand awareness, and provide your blog with a different perspective.

How do you feel about Guest Blogging and accepting Guest Blog Submissions? Have you recently submitted a gust blog that was published? Share your experience with us and be sure to use our hashtag #GabBrand!


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Bids and Pitches: Two Ways of Winning A Freelancing Gig

Two Ways to Win a Freelance Writing Gig

Whenever anyone asks me how I do what I do, I say a lot of bidding and non-stop pitching. These are two ways to win a freelancing gig, Bidding and Pitching:


  • Bidding, a form of pitching, usually used on Outsourcing Platforms like UpWork and Guru. Clients can post a job with its general requirements and duties along with their budget and project length; Freelancers can then put in a quote on jobs that they are interested in. The Freelancer with the best profile, sales pitch, and price per project wins!
  • Pitches can be done individually and can be sent directly to editors, submission columns, etc. At which point a freelancer will seek out work from a client rather than wait for them to post an opening or ask for submissions.

Creating a Successful Pitch

Whether sending a general template inquiring about work or sending specific articles for review, there are ways to guarantee your Freelance Pitch can be successful. Here are some steps before creating an effective Pitch

  1. Create a Profile before drafting any submission. Find out who their intended audience is. Research the materials they have already published to get a sense of their brand persona. How often they publish certain content so that yours is relevant.
  2. Join their E-mail Listings. Try to remain on top of the content they produce by joining a few of their social networks and E-Mail Newsletters. You can gain insight into the content they are looking for or might be interested in.
  3. Comment on Content that Interests you. Be active in discussion forums and comment work that interests you. Chances are they will be interested in your view on a subject or its development. Writers will occasionally drop a hint or two on work that could help get your foot in the door.

Once you have developed a sense of your intended clients’ style and have confidence that you can connect with their audience, you can begin drafting out content they might be interested in. These steps will help you develop a Kick Ass Freelance Proposal, as we previously discussed.

Bids: Let the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Bidding might seem like a game of odds, but as all games go there are ways to ensure the odds are in your favor.

Outsourcing Platforms like do most of the work for you: allowing you to create detailed freelancing profiles, set a minimum price per service, and supply jobs requiring to key skills you own. Clients can invite you to bid on a job or you can seek employment from the various jobs posted. Once you have bid and been awarded a job, you create a contract with in the platform.

Here are some ways to make sure the odds of winning a freelance bid are in your favor:

  1. Develop a detailed profile. Clients are more likely to hire a freelance they invite to apply for a job, creating a stellar profile complete with descriptive services, back ground info about yourself, and a look at what goals you have as a freelancer will help a client decide before hand if you’re a good fit or not.
  2. Create several templates for bidding. A lot of times you will have to tailor this template to fit the job description, but it can get tiresome typing your skills, achievements, and credentials over and over. You also don’t want to forget anything or miss any tiny embellishment that could possibly land you the freelancing gig of your dreams.
  3. Target Jobs that fit your skills. Platform like Guru list your skills before anything else. The more skills you have the better chances you have of locating job matches that suit you and the higher your chances of landing a contract.
  4. Follow Up! Just because the job has already been awarded does not mean it is off the table. Many Freelancers are awarded jobs from content mills in which they are just not a fit. This is usually cause by a lack of descriptive requirements or communication from either freelancer or client. Other times, they need more content and are looking to hire multiple freelancers. Either way, Follow ups show initiative and interests.

Freelance Work is a Game of Skill

Winning a freelance gig, temporary or long term, is a game of skill and the quality of your freelance portfolio. The odds are great with so many people seeing the benefits of working remotely from home.

Create captivating pitches and develop persuasive bids that allow you to stand out from other players in the field.

Gab Brand Wants to Hear from You

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Your Client Isn’t Your Employer: Sticking to your Freelance Prices

 Your Client is not Your Employer

I once saw a FaceBook status that read something along the line that Freelancers shouldn’t let our clients dictate our prices for us- Your Client is not your Employer and your prices are… well, your prices.

“They are what they are. There’s no changing that. Letting your client tell you what to charge means that your client tells you what you are allowed to make that year. Your Client is not your Boss.”

Learning the Hard Way & Compromises

Not only do I agree- I had to learn the hard way. While I was poaching every job possible through Content Mills and trying to get my foot in any back door position available, I always found myself compromising and lowering my prices.

Even though I was submitting articles 1,000 words or more I was being paid roughly $5 an article or little more, but not much. I couldn’t complain as a newbie. I was getting great feedback, lots of traffic, and a few gigs would eventually fall into my lap.

But I could fee l the strain of the compromising weighing heavily on my pockets at the end of each month, when I tallied up what I would have or should have charged as opposed to what I had actually got paid—and trust me, the load was not easy to endure.

Doing the Calculations: Lost Wages

man-1071772_1920I had calculated several months in a row that I had sacrificed at least a third of what I intended to make; which would cause for me to look for additional work to cover, what I considered, “lost wages”.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but the point of the slumping the nine-to-five by the wayside was to work for myself. By letting my client dictate what I should charge, I allowed them to assume the role of my Boss.

If Your Client Isn’t Your Boss, Who Are They?

Your Client is your Customer! They come to you for a service, a quality product, goods which they could not produce themselves.

Sure their names are on the check, but it is your reputation and name attached to the work itself, making you the supplier of goods.

Reasons You shouldn’t Lower Your Prices & Ways to Stick to Them

A lot of times it is easy to make the sacrifice for a decent buck and a great By Line. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t consider lowering your prices:

  • Less Pay means you have to acquire more work to cover losses.
  • You devalue your work.
  • Allow clients to assume the role of employer instead of customer.
  • Place yourself in a binding contract that is hard to elevate later.

Understanding that helping a client out creates a little more hassle for you in the future, here are some ways to stick to your prices and remind clients that they’re your customers:

  1. Provide a Service and Rates Portfolio detailing your prices. Be firm from the gate. Allowing a customer to walk into a store and set their own prices could put a business out of work. Instead Label your Freelancing services with decisive Price tags
  2. List a Minimum/Starting Price to avoid Freelance jobs that aren’t in your pay-range to begin with. This will eliminate anyone not truly interested in your contracted services; it also helps you avoid work that would cost more time than the money you were probably being offered in the first place.
  3. Explain and break down your expenses; from digital content [images, videos, etc.] to Written content- price tag your time. Clients are also more understanding of the price when they know what they’re buying. Invest time in sending updates with their invoices or receipts not just during drafts and deadlines.
  4. Don’t Negotiate- Customize. If you can provide customizable packages, offer bulk loads of work, or work multiple freelance projects- a client could be convinced to customize a deal rather than feel the need to haggle for one. Also by allowing the customer to pick and choose options that fit their budget, you can maintain your workload without needing to substitute for the lack of income later.

You don’t have to be a Grinch about prices, but you should never have to compromise your income. A business can not thrive from word of mouth alone and bills can not be paid with gratitude.

Remember that a freelancer is only as valuable as they say they are. Don’t allow your client to become your boss.

“Your Prices are what they are; there’s no changing that.”

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