Gab FAQs

Q: What is a Content Developer and …Do I need one?

A: Responsible for researchingQuestion and Answers, gathering, and organizing material for writing or editing– A Content Developer is meant to be meticulous, well managed, and resourceful. A decent Freelance Writer is open to working with you, understanding what it is you want to accomplish, and what it is exactly you want to say.

If your website or publication is lacking material, Gab Brand is readily available, versatile, and looking to help you maximize your content so that it accomplishes your Brands end goals.

Q: Do you work with Web or Print publications?

A: Working with both Web and Print publications, Gab Brand is seeking to provide content for all Brands and Businesses. I am open to accepting various types of jobs from editing and proofreading to drafting original content or Article Rewrites.

[Projects of interest usually within Small Business, Large Entities, Blogs, Online Magazines, News Publications, Non-profit, and even Community Organizations]

Q: Do you build and mange Websites as well as blogs?

A: Unlike our Blog Development services, Gab Brand does not create Websites; however, we do provide tips for site optimization and help you connect with web developers who might be able to help you.

As an Editor for CMS Managers I often find myself referring clients to them with Site development as they are a leading WordPress Support and Maintenance Service and have professional on hand to help. They are cost-efficient and online support services within their various plans.

Q: During Content Development who will I work with?

A: From your initial point of contact, to your final draft, and even after publication– you will receive hands on care and have consistent communication with your Personal Content Developer, ME! During your FREE consultation you and I will discuss a set of work hours where time will be dedicated to developing your content. Like at a therapy session or tune up- this time is set aside for you and for you alone. Hoping to work around your schedule so that we can work WITH you and not just for you.

Q: How long does it take a project from start to finish? And, once the project is complete, do I own the material?

A: The length of the project is dependent upon a lot of variables that would require you to request a consultation

While certain projects are rendered as a one time services (with the option of purchasing Upkeep or Content Maintenance), when discussing Long Term projects it will be discussed and then later outlined in the Work Agreement between the Content Developer and Client. In many cases the writer will accept a By Line, but the property itself will belong to the customer.

Q: Do you accept Bulk Assignments?

A:  I appreciate bulk assignments and depending on the subject matter and writing requirements can have a quick turn over rate [whether it be Daily or Weekly Assignments]. I can help with multiple projects simultaneously or complete a nice sum of articles within a given time frame.

When requesting bulk assignments Clients are asked to be prepared to submit a proof of payment [via Paypal; 1/3 project cost].  This payment is refundable in the event that the clients is not satisfied with my work; However, I must safeguard my work and time in the event that a client attempts to publish said works anyway.


*These are just a few FAQs, Contact me if you have any more questions related to content development!



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