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Hiring a Freelance Writer with The Gift of Gab

Good Help Can Be Hard to Find

As more individual emerge as Freelance Writers and Money Hungry Bloggers, finding a reliable source of Web Content can be like picking a needle out of a hay stack. Locating a writer who can provide content for a variety of projects, subject matter, and platforms can be easier said than done. Unfortunately, with the need for social marketing and fresh content to remain relevant, you need it done; you actually needed it done yesterday.

One Freelancer might be a social media mastermind while another might be a Search Engine Magnet an generate tons of organic traffic from their work. Most likely you want a writer that is easy to communicate with, understands your message and goals, and self-sufficient enough that you can focus on the day to day Business decisions you would normally be plagued with.

Woman using a digital tablet in office, on-line shopping at home, reading or playing.Characteristics of a Valuable Freelance Content Writer

There are various aspects of a writer that you can evaluate to determine whether you have a great freelance content writer for long term projects and continuous work or a one time show pony capable of writing informative content [with the possibility of it going nowhere].

Here are a few character traits that any great Content Writer will be willing to discuss during your consultation:

Experience as a Freelancer and Passionate as a Writer

As more work becomes available it is easy for any new writer or stay at home mom to rack up on quick gigs and general feedback from projects completed; However, an experienced Freelancer, who is passionate about writing, will provide an in-depth portfolio of consistent work completed for reoccurring clients and valuable referrals from those clients.

A reliable and consistent Freelance Writer will most likely have a diverse portfolio and have dabbled in a variety of niches, which will enable her ability to write about various subject matters in detail and with ease. An established writer will present you with an organized list of published works and copies of such, as any prideful writer keeps a copy nearby. You might notice some jobs are extremely smaller than others, but this is evident proof that they are in it for more than the money, and most likely these small jobs turned into reoccurring clients later. A writer who is passionate about their work invests a great deal more time in establishing work relationships and even more time ensuring clients get the needed results from said work.

Freelance Content Writers with Focus and Public Awareness

Whenever your Platform grows you are sure to encounter a new audience or demographic. A diligent Freelance Content Writer can provide all-inclusive content for a variety of demographics or re-construct previous content to take your new viewers in to account. You can even locate Freelance Writers able to write in multiple languages for those who encounter language barriers when accessing your content. Tis can be important, for example when an article is written in English by an individual who speaks English as a second language. It is clearly noticeable and as such will later require an editor.

Freelancer Writers with Niche Specialties

Like each company having a certain brand and service, most freelancers have a specific niche, despite what their portfolio shows. If you are hiring out for content, ask for samples of work related to your brand or business. Be sure to state уоur requirements. Once you have sampled their related work and have had a chance to assess their writing quality, you can further determine whether or not this Freelance Content Writer is suited for your project. If you want them to draft something original to test them even further, offer a small sum as incentive for work that might not even be published, providing proper incentive. This is probably the most vital part of outsourcing content- because while previous work might have been a knock out the park- chances are it might not be the same with your intended content. So, be sure to test out your writer before actually hiring them.

Freelance Writers with Open Availability and Communication Lines

It can be frustrating for both client and writer when both are working from remote locations; it will be important tо have wауѕ tо be ассеѕѕіblе tо еасh оthеr, such as phone lines and even skype for last minute conversations and updates. An experienced Freelance Content Writer will provide multiple lines of communication and times when you will be able to reach them.

contact usHiring a Freelance Content Writer made Hassle Free

By sifting through the loads of available Content Writers and pinpointing characteristics of a steadfast and trustworthy freelancer you can locate the best writer for your brand or platform. Just remember to have in depth interviews with your Freelance Content Provider and have them reiterate your needs as you have explained them back to you.

While most freelancers are seeking to expand their portfolio and develop long lasting careers, others are simply out to make a decent buck really fast. Leaving your content lacking necessary information, call to actions, and even lacking general engagement. Take the time to do background test and writing test on all content writers before hiring for a hassle free experience. Or better yet, Contact Gab Brand for help!


Contracts and The Fine Print: Securing the What If’s of Freelancing

After some blunders with clients and having no paper work in place I found out the importance of Contracts and the Fine Print. I invested some time in developing solid contracts when seeking out clients for Gab Brand; here are some reasons why you should dive deeper into Contracts and the Fine Print.

Contracts Keep You Safe

Contracts and the annoyingly small print can be used to provide security for both client and supplier in the event of a dispute, late payment, or late work delivery.

Don't be afraid of the little details. The Fine Print in a contract could cost or save you a ton in the future!
Don’t be afraid of the little details. The Fine Print in a contract could cost or save you a ton in the future!

People can be caught poaching work from Freelance Writers. It is common for Clients to request articles from several writers using popular Writing Mills or Out Sourcing Platforms; they get loads of great material free to use because the writer had not said otherwise, in hopes of gaining employment.

Whether you are submitting a draft or pitching an article for consideration, you shouldn’t work under the implication of a verbal agreement. It doesn’t matter if it was delivered by e-mail, Skype Interviews, text, or by invitation using a popular Out Sourcing Platform.

It can be seen as over-cautious, but create a contract for draft submissions and add footnotes to protect any work submitted before actual employment, unless you are willingly giving out free work as a hiring incentive.

Contracts Keep Freelancers on Track

Contracts can be used to keep track of your work. Adding features such as draft confirmations or signatures upon delivery, you can include important details regarding scheduling, payments and even content structure, and use of keywords.

Use attachments with your contracts and include in the fine print any pre-set schedule, the cost of additional work, and invoices to keep track of work submitted, drafts included, the number of revisions needed, and more.

You can make use of Contracts when charging per word [in addition to keyword placement and content structure] and add overages/additional invoice procedure into the fine print area. Some writers charge more for extra back links, imagery, and use of digital files in submissions.

Resources to Develop your Freelance Contract

Developing your Freelance contract and fine tuning the small print, you want to cover the basics and also include all those What If Moments. It is important to gather resources that will help you create a solid contract for Freelance work.

Freelance Writers is already a risky business; protect yourself and your work by investing time in a multi-functional contract for the various service you might want to provide as Freelance/Contracted work-for-hire.
Freelance Writing is already a risky business; protect yourself and your work by investing time in a multi-functional contract for the various service you might want to provide as Freelance/Contracted work-for-hire.

You don’t want to be held liable for what a client does with your work; you can’t have them skating off with it for free; What if they decided they don’t want to pay but have published it anyway? Here are some resources to help you create a basic and multi-functional contract for Freelance Work:

  • While I usually discourage Wiki-Anything, it’s credibility has improved since editing guidelines have become more restrictive, This simple guideline from WikiHow is a good example of what sort of template to use when developing a general contract for freelance work.
  • Maybe you are not a freelance writer? No problem, there are freelance designer templates and other essential contracts for potential freelance work for easy use if you run a google search on your niche topic, project type and length, and any extra features such as milestones, inventory reimbursements, etc.
  • Docracy also offers a Work-for-hire- Freelance writing contract to be used for an independent contractor relationship; this sample is especially useful for those freelancers who are approached by other freelancers to supplement work they already have.

Gab Brand Wants To Hear From You

What is your biggest hassle when it comes to creating a contract between you and your client? Have you had to outsource work before and had your contract fall through? What Loop Holes would you warn other Freelancers to look out for when building a solid contract?

Share all your thoughts with us on your favorite Social Networks and be sure to use the hashtag #GabBrand and let us know how you improved your contract!


Gab Brand

Bids and Pitches: Two Ways of Winning A Freelancing Gig

Two Ways to Win a Freelance Writing Gig

Whenever anyone asks me how I do what I do, I say a lot of bidding and non-stop pitching. These are two ways to win a freelancing gig, Bidding and Pitching:


  • Bidding, a form of pitching, usually used on Outsourcing Platforms like UpWork and Guru. Clients can post a job with its general requirements and duties along with their budget and project length; Freelancers can then put in a quote on jobs that they are interested in. The Freelancer with the best profile, sales pitch, and price per project wins!
  • Pitches can be done individually and can be sent directly to editors, submission columns, etc. At which point a freelancer will seek out work from a client rather than wait for them to post an opening or ask for submissions.

Creating a Successful Pitch

Whether sending a general template inquiring about work or sending specific articles for review, there are ways to guarantee your Freelance Pitch can be successful. Here are some steps before creating an effective Pitch

  1. Create a Profile before drafting any submission. Find out who their intended audience is. Research the materials they have already published to get a sense of their brand persona. How often they publish certain content so that yours is relevant.
  2. Join their E-mail Listings. Try to remain on top of the content they produce by joining a few of their social networks and E-Mail Newsletters. You can gain insight into the content they are looking for or might be interested in.
  3. Comment on Content that Interests you. Be active in discussion forums and comment work that interests you. Chances are they will be interested in your view on a subject or its development. Writers will occasionally drop a hint or two on work that could help get your foot in the door.

Once you have developed a sense of your intended clients’ style and have confidence that you can connect with their audience, you can begin drafting out content they might be interested in. These steps will help you develop a Kick Ass Freelance Proposal, as we previously discussed.

Bids: Let the Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

Bidding might seem like a game of odds, but as all games go there are ways to ensure the odds are in your favor.

Outsourcing Platforms like Guru.com do most of the work for you: allowing you to create detailed freelancing profiles, set a minimum price per service, and supply jobs requiring to key skills you own. Clients can invite you to bid on a job or you can seek employment from the various jobs posted. Once you have bid and been awarded a job, you create a contract with in the platform.

Here are some ways to make sure the odds of winning a freelance bid are in your favor:

  1. Develop a detailed profile. Clients are more likely to hire a freelance they invite to apply for a job, creating a stellar profile complete with descriptive services, back ground info about yourself, and a look at what goals you have as a freelancer will help a client decide before hand if you’re a good fit or not.
  2. Create several templates for bidding. A lot of times you will have to tailor this template to fit the job description, but it can get tiresome typing your skills, achievements, and credentials over and over. You also don’t want to forget anything or miss any tiny embellishment that could possibly land you the freelancing gig of your dreams.
  3. Target Jobs that fit your skills. Platform like Guru list your skills before anything else. The more skills you have the better chances you have of locating job matches that suit you and the higher your chances of landing a contract.
  4. Follow Up! Just because the job has already been awarded does not mean it is off the table. Many Freelancers are awarded jobs from content mills in which they are just not a fit. This is usually cause by a lack of descriptive requirements or communication from either freelancer or client. Other times, they need more content and are looking to hire multiple freelancers. Either way, Follow ups show initiative and interests.

Freelance Work is a Game of Skill

Winning a freelance gig, temporary or long term, is a game of skill and the quality of your freelance portfolio. The odds are great with so many people seeing the benefits of working remotely from home.

Create captivating pitches and develop persuasive bids that allow you to stand out from other players in the field.

Gab Brand Wants to Hear from You

Gab Brand is interested in hearing your thoughts on what drives a great pitch or how to successfully place a freelance bid.  Share your thoughts with us your favorite Social Networks using the Hashtag #GabBrand. Can’t wait to hear from you!


Gab Brand