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Breaking News: Content Marketing Strategy on Facebook May Need Some Redevelopment Coming 2016

Time to Change Your Content Strategy on Facebook – by #NotAGuru is a great piece to close out the new year with! With breaking news in upcoming changes due to Facebook Readers engagement with certain material- Or lack thereof.


Facebook readers are known to “ghost read”. Spending large amounts of time reading material but not actually engaging by liking, sharing, or commenting. Now Facebook will start to gather this material and show it to you first above the material you actually do engage with. They don’t guarantee any change in viewer activity but still plan on rolling out the changes in the beginning of the new year.


This is major for Freelance Writers, content marketers, and small business’ alike because there will be more value put into quality of the content and less stress on driving social activity. Read more on the upcoming changes to Facebook and how you should change up your content strategy!

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Content Marketing: Social Networking The New Word of Mouth

Traditional Marketing becoming Obsolete; Social Media New Word Of Mouth

Traditional Marketing techniques are becoming obsolete and Social Media is becoming the new Word of Mouth. Marketing your content has become easier and, best of all, cheaper! The Modern Connection claims that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing and generates about three times as many leads.

A B2B Marketing campaign

Content marketing is a strategic  marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.


Content Marketing a Strategic Necessity for Freelance Writers

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: “Great content can only take you so far!” Creating consistently awesome material is not even half the job. Content Marketing is what drives readers interest and requires more than just keyword research! Don’t be intimidated, as it is a strategic necessity, but see it as one of the many hats you’ll wear as a Freelance Writer.

Courtesy of AMG Content Marketing

Make it a simple task; lets break down what it really means to incorporate content marketing.

It’s basically you raising awareness about you, but with the help of popular social networks.
-It requires a great deal of self awareness & branding to reach your intended audience.
-It will be a daily task in which you must connect with other followers, but you will have the opportunity to flaunt your expertise, gain loyal followers, and expand clientele.

Which Platform is best for Your Brand? Top 3 Social Networks

It can be hard not to go for the most popular platform with the largest rate of user activity. However, take a moment to really evaluate which platforms can benefit you and which would be more time-consuming and result in the least ROI (Return of Interest) for your brand.Figure out a strategy that you can easily maintain (starting with Facebook) on a daily basis.

Facebook Most Active Platform with Largest User Base

Kissmetrics Blog states that Facebook has more than 1.23 billion active users, 62% of whom log in on a daily basis. This makes Facebook the largest Social Media Platform. With the ability to take out Ads, create Fan pages, and business pages its also the most versatile.

Courtesy of AMG Marketing Now

According to an analysis by Forrester, Instagram has given brands 120-times more engagement per-follower than Twitter and 58-times more than Facebook.

Authentic Leads and Consumer Interaction with Instagram’s Visual Marketing

Courtesy of Social Media Examiner

Instagram is definitely on the rise, becoming a contender among Social networks, because it was solely for mobile phones and is now accessible online everywhere. While Instagram may not be your main marketing tool, incorporating it as a visual marketing asset is a great idea. It’s not just about posting nice pictures but being personable. Try not to just push imagery out there but be specific to your brand.

 You can’t fake Instagram. Authentic, interesting and stunning imagery is what works. Don’t try to hard sell!

Twitter Content Marketing For Business

Courtesy of Wishpond.com

Want to give your readers quick news updates or short burst of advice? Twitter is great for giving flash updates and insights into your business. Mark W. Schaefer says that “Twitter offers the fastest way to build an audience of relevant followers for your content.” in his article, 10 Reasons Why Twitter is a Content Marketers Best Friend. “The primary reason is because you have an opportunity to interact and engage with the right people for your business even if they don’t follow you back (you can’t do this on Facebook or LinkedIn).” Schaefer explained.

Social Media Alternatives for Old-School Content Marketing

For every obsolete, old-school method of content marketing there is a new soimagecial networking alternative. For printed pamphlets or brochures you now have Facebook. For Newsletters or Email Newsletters (which are still major marketing tools as everyone needs emails to log in to social networking accounts) there is Twitter. Instead of billboards or fancy commercials try Instagram or Periscope.

While these are just the tip of the iceberg, as you see I didn’t want to go near the subject of YouTube just yet. There are several advantages to each platform and their individual rights. While you might be tempted to be everywhere on social media, remember: Each platform demands a different strategy!

Gab Brand wants to Hear from You!

Which of the most or least popular Social Networks do you use for your business? How has it affected your blog or career? Has it increased reader engagement, resulted in substantial leads, and higher conversion rates?

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Let These Gurus Guide You|| A Look At The Most Prominent Freelancers

Starting out it is easy to idolize anyone who claims to have found success- going from rags to riches- using only a pen. Even though I am providing you with tips, advice, and examples of what it takes to get the ball rolling, I am no Guru. I consider Gurus (of freelance writing) those who have not just made freelancing their prime source of income, but made it a point to spread knowledge from careers they’ve built on their very names.


Freelance Writers that overcame the Writing Mills and charity work; surpassing the underlying stereotype that most people working from home live like couch potatoes and hermits! This was suppose to be a list of Top 20 Freelance Writers but I wanted to go into detail as to why I chose these specific writers. So, consider this the first installment of a short segment called Freelance Writing Gurus!

A Freelance Writers biggest problem when first starting is getting clientele. Most of us roam the web forums that dangle all of our “Dream jobs” in our faces but offer us pennies and often a shiny nickel or two, often called Writing Mills. Of course, this is a way for us to get immediate, even permanent work. Unfortunately, it’s hard to boost your price once you’ve established a usual routine with certain clients.

Carol Tice (courtesy of Writingtomakealiving.com)

Carol personally coached me out of the content mills back in the day, and I can personally thank her for the encouragement I needed to get the leap in income and job satisfaction that came with it.” 

Angela Atkinson of Online Writing Pro, friend and fellow blogger following Carol Tices lead.

Carol Tice is a Freelance Writer who started out like many, with little experience and no college degree. Carol Tice went from similar Writing Mills looking for work until she made the revelation that she was worth more. She put on a brave face and went venturing into Freelance government jobs- a realm most don’t feel qualified for but is found to be the most lucrative field for Freelance Writers. Freelance Writer since 2005, She founded her Make a Living Writing blog, which was named a Top 10 Blog for Writers in 2010 and 2012, helping other freelance writers avoid waisting so much time. Contributing to other resource sites for Freelance Writers, like Tuts Plus and explaining why it’s important to seek out your ideal client (instead of waiting to win bidding projects for them) is why Carol Tice is a Freelance Writing Genius. The Writers Den was later started by Tice as a discussion forum for writers and a resource center for serious Freelance Writers. Productive Writers reviews The Writers Den and breaks down what the memberships offers and who could benefit from it. I consider her not just a Guru, but my GOAT (Greatest Of All Time). Any well established freelancer passing on tips of the trade for free is good by me and Carol Tices’ advice has been proven useful by the testimonies of fellow freelancers and even personal companions.

Kristi Hines (Courtesy of Twitter)

”Kristi is an honest individual who has a sincere desire to help you succeed. If you’re looking for quality service and advice from a competent internet professional, look no further than Kristi.”

– Andrew Rondeau of his experience with Kristi Hines as WordPress Blogging/Website Consultant (found among her many Linked in Reviews).

Helping other freelance writers nab the jobs they want, Kristi Hines is definitely someone you want to listen to. Known for being a blogging enthusiast, she has contributed to many well known marketing blogs including Social Media Examiner, Search Engine Watch, Search Engine Journal, and Maximize Social Business. Focusing on gaining awareness through social platforms and maximizing your social marketing strategies is her forte. Kristi Hines outlook of using multiple social platforms to boost awareness may have seemed common sense but it is actually tricky to “post curated content across all of your social networks” consistently. She makes it a thing of ease.

Peter Bowerman (Photo courtesy of InkThinkerblog.com)


“About 11 years ago, I bought a book called, The Well Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman. I read the book from beginning to end–excited about all the possibilities that awaited me in the commercial writing world.”

Wendy Komanchecks a WordPress Blogger and Freelance Copy Writer

Inspiring others to take a closer look at freelance writing Peter Bowerman, a veteran in the field, began in 1994. Peter became known for his open, personal style of writing which played a role in his (and his clients) success in the profitable freelance commercial world. He later started The Well-Fed Writer (2010) to help other writers get a grasp on “income-boosting resources for commercial writers.” The site is pretty straight forward, offer great guest post from writers with real life experiences, and isn’t so much about format but information!

These are just a few Freelance Writers that every new freelancer should get to know. Of course, there are many more writers and a lot of ground (or fields of interest) to cover but these are at least my top Go-To Gurus. Explore other well known Freelance Writers and let me know who your mentor is and why. I can’t wait hear from you! Let’s hear your feedback on Facebook. Make sure to use hashtag #GabBrand- Can’t wait for you to share your gift of gab!

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