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Gab Brand appreciates your commitment to educating and encouraging another Freelance Writer or Blogger seeking to shine in business. As a Guest Blogger, your story can be an encouraging segment or awe-inspiring story of success. We are eager to hear from any Creative Entrepreneurs with rousing stories and motivational tips to achieve success.

Please follow these guidelines for guest blog submissions to Gab Brand.

Content Structure:

  1. 400 words minimum- Not including H2 & H3 titles.
  2. Lists, number, bullet points that contain a Lesson to take away, tips to move forward, resources to achieve goal.
  3. H2 and h3, tags and titles. [Please be sure to EDIT your work, TWICE!!]
  4. Two Images Max!

Author Bio Attached:

  1. Include Name and URL to blog or website
  2. 3-5 short sentence bio about yourself or your business; including two links to preferred social media sites and/or relevant business sites
  3. Picture of yourself or logo of business

Please Note:

  1. That by Submitting your work for publishing you accept that it may be edited for relevance or upon fact checking.
  2. Any work submitted must not be published anywhere else and must be of original work by submitting author.
  3. If your submission was rejected, please understand that we do not send rejection letters and that not all submissions are a fit for the platform; we appreciate your interest in becoming a guest Blogger here at Gab Brand and encourage you to continue working on your craft. There may be potential for you in the future!

Your Story Matters…Blogging can be used as portfolios and service portals for freelance writers

Freelancers everywhere have the potential to create foundations for their futures and those of the people around them. While Freelancing may be the loneliest careers to man, it is actually one of the fastest growing network of careers as more people seek marketing online.

Help us continue to grow our network and resources by contributing as a guest blogger and share your stories, experience, and wisdom with other Freelance Writers and Bloggers.

**p.s: maybe you don’t have time to write or wouldn’t know just how to say it, but there is a topic you would like discussed here on Gab Brand. Great, we would love to do so for you.

 If there is ever anything you would like us to touch upon, feel free to communicate that with us and we’ll help get feedback from other Freelance Writers and Bloggers in business that also have shared such an experience or have a certain message to share. Let us help you do so by sending in a topic, how it has affected you, and what your thoughts are on this topic relating to your niche industry and level of experience, we’ll do the rest!



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